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Imperfect Purity

I made this piece to speak about the tension women face growing up in a society where the Bible tells you sex before marriage is sinful, but also saying you’re a prude if you don’t have sex. Growing up where sex was taught purely for the creation of humans did not prepare me for what reality is. Yes sex is love but sex is also pleasure. There is not education or information offered to women about sex in a positive way. Only education on how to prevent unwanted pregnancy. I placed boudoir images of myself on a symbol of purity. Purity meaning you are untouched, and a virgin. This could symbolize many things but I want people to know that you are not lesser of a person if you have sex, and you aren’t lesser of a person if you don’t. The expectations and standards that society has is detrimental to people’s confidence and sense of reality. It is not realistic to expect people to not have sex before marriage. I don’t let that define me. I let my strength and intelligence define me and the decisions I make.

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